Clothing Ordering Information

Payment Due Dates

All apparel must be paid for by the due date and prior to the order being placed with the vendor. If your payment is delayed, your cost will increase due to order placement outside of the large group order. You will be responsible for paying this additional cost. A delay in the order may impact your dancer’s ability to perform if they do not have the required clothing.


Payment Issues

If you anticipate any issues, please contact us as soon as possible at to discuss payment options.

1.  Required clothing

The Booster Club has a clothing committee to coordinate a team order of dancer clothing. Team coaches, captains and seniors are involved in clothing selection. The majority of clothing will be ordered through an on-line order site. For new dancers, there will be several required items needed for performances including tights, shoes, jazz pants, white gloves, team shirts and warm-ups for winter competition season.

2.  Booster Club provided clothing

Uniforms, costumes and garment bags are funded by the Booster Club and are team-issued and do not need to be purchased by the parents. All team-issued items cannot be used or worn by anyone other than the dancer. Team issued items must be returned at the end of the season.  You will be responsible for replacement cost of any items not returned.  Your Booster contribution pays for a small portion of these items.  Team fundraising pays for the approximately 75% of the cost of these.

3.  Optional clothing (must be a paid Booster member to order)

Optional clothing includes the team sweatshirt, dance shorts, backpack, and team apparel. These items are also paid for by parents. Parent and fan clothing items are also offered for sale. Optional items are NOT REQUIRED and you must be a paid Booster member to order optional items through the Booster Club.  Optional clothing will not be ordered or delivered until Booster contribution and required apparel has been paid for in full.  If you miss the order date, optional clothing will not be available to order later.