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Blazette Booster Club 2022-2023

Chair                                                          Rachell Sherburne 

Co- Chair                                                   Nici Akins

Secretary                                                   Marcus Seywerd

Treasurer                                                   Holly Legorreta


Invitational                                          Tara Blonigen & Nici Akins                 


Costumes                                            Katja Anderson


Clothing                                               Jessica Ruiz


Youth Clinic                                          Open    


Corporate Sponsorships                   Open                                                                     


Scrapbook                                            Michelle Schindeldecker

Website / Social Media                       Nikki Shannon                                                                  

Booster Club Membership

Coaching Staff

The Booster Club provides the stipends for half the fall and winter coaching staff. This means more individual coaching for each dancer.


Team Costumes & Equipment

Unlike studio dance, you will not have to purchase your own team costume. The costumes provided by the Booster Club’s fundraising efforts saves you hundreds of dollars each season. 


Burnsville Dance Team Promotion and Team Activities 

The Booster Club organizes many events for both the team’s support and for family fun! See the calendar highlights for some of the activities.

Team Fundraising & Booster Club Contributions
2022-2023| $100 Fall and $125 Winter 

All Parents Welcome and Encouraged to Become Members

Each family is asked to contribute $100 per dancer for Fall 2022 season & $125 per dancer for Winter 2022-2023 to cover expenses that the booster club provides for your dancer. Payment plans can be made. Optional clothing items offered by the Booster Club are only available if you have paid your Booster Club contributions. The organization is guided by the Blazette By-laws and operates under an annual budget. 


Team Fundraising

The team relies on volunteer participation for successful fundraising to cover the rest of the costs for coaching and costumes provided by the booster club for the benefit of all dancers. Pizza sales, sponsored restaurant nights and grocery bagging are some fundraising options.

The Blazette Fall Clinic 

The Clinic is a fundraiser for the Booster Club but its main purpose is to continue to build the Blazette program by developing interest from young dancers in the community. The Blazettes teach dancers in K-8 choreography and then perform with them at a home football game.


The Blazette Invitational

This winter season event is a competition hosted by the Blazette Booster Club for teams from across the state. This is a huge event, which requires the participation of all families. All parents are needed for setup the night before the event.

Booster Club Committee
Meetings & Minutes
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