Winter Season Competition Dance Team

The team competes regularly during the winter season. Performances during winter are few but important to team preparation for future competitions.   


The season stretches from October to February.  Each competition and performance requires a great deal of preparation.  The team practices six times per week, in 2 ½ to 3 hour blocks.  Extra practices may be required throughout the season.  All practices are mandatory, any dancer who is unable to attend will not be allowed to perform or compete.  

Varsity Kick 2017.2018

Varsity Kick

Varsity Jazz 2017.2018

Varsity Jazz

JV Kick 2017.2018

JV Kick

Warm up jacket_edited
JV A Jazz 2017.2018

JV A Jazz

JV B Jazz 2017.2018

JV B Jazz

Fall Season Performance Team

Throughout the fall season the team performs at numerous athletic and community events.  The fall team is geared toward personal skills improvement and team bonding.  Fundraising is also a large part of the fall season.    


The fall season stretches from August to October with practices or events five days a week for 2-3 hours at a time.

Fall Team Photo
Fall 2017 Picnic
Fall FB Team Pic 2017
2017-09-22 BHS Homecoming Blazettes Clinic Stretch 034
2017-09-15 BHS Blazettes Soccer Game Battle cry 001
2017-09-08 Blazette Leo Pasta Braden Pom Football 024
2017-10-05 Blazettes Kick Tux Girls Soccer Game 042
Our Mission

Our mission as the coaches, parents, and members of the Blazettes is to create a positive and supportive team atmosphere every day.  We will encourage our dancers to become great athletes, students, and young women. Everyone will make decisions based on the best interest of the team.  We will show mutual respect and open communication to all members of the team.  The primary focus will be on dancing and we will work to enjoy everything that comes with being part of the Blazette legacy.  


The Burnsville Dance Team is an athletic organization stressing performance, competition, teamwork, and personal improvement.

Burnsville Blazette Booster Club (BBBC)

The booster club is organized and governed by the ‘By-laws for the Blazette Dance Team Booster Club.’ All dancer families are members of the dance team booster club.  Its purpose is to support both the fall and winter season dance teams by providing funding beyond what the school is able to provide. Funds are used for coaches, costumes, team events and promotional and recognition activities.

Decisions regarding booster activities and funding are made by the booster club committee.  All decisions regarding the dance team program, its coaching philosophies, policies and procedures are made by the coaches and school administration. 

The Booster Club Commitee consists of the Chair, Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising chair, Fall Dinner/Silent Auction chair, Invitational chair, captains’ parents, grade level representatives, a JV president and an alumni representative.  The club collects a booster allocation from each dancer’s family at the beginning of each season. 


The fundraising efforts consist of a variety of events designed to include dancers and family members, such as:

  • Blazette BBQ/dinner and Silent Auction  

  • Dance Clinic for grades K-6

  • Blazette Dance Team Invitational 

  • Car washes

  • Pizza Fundraiser