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Fire Muster Parade

Saturday Sept 9th


  • Coaches will let the girls know what to wear (probably Gold Slipper T, black leggings & black under armour tennis shoes)

  • Be in position at 10:30, We are #27 in the line-up (next to the BHS Marching Band) - You will be able to drop your daughter off at our lineup area which is on 130th st from Parkwood to Country Rd 11 (East of Parkwood Dr & West of Country Rd 11)

  • Parade starts at 11:00

  • Pick up your daughter at Nicollet Jr High parking lot as soon as they are done walking in the parade (around 12/12:30). We will have a cold treat for the girls at Nicollet Jr High.  We will also have bottled water for the girls during the parade.

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